Bulk transport – Pick up Noord-Holland

Even though we specialise in small emergency transport, we also offer larger transport. From a van to a box truck and even a trailer, at Top Koeriers you will find the transport that fits your shipment.

We currently have the option to collect your bulk transport throughout the province of Noord-Holland and to take it wherever you want. We are striving to expand the collection options throughout the whole of the country. Keep an eye on our news for all updates on this!

Temperature controlled or refrigerated transport – Pick up Noord-Holland

Because we are a major player when it comes to emergency medical transport, it is time to expand our services in this area. From now on, we also offer refrigerated or temperature-controlled transport. This is ideal for transporting human organs, which we are very familiar with. We can also transport shipments with dry ice.

Contact our planning department: 088 – 35 35 900 to see what our options are!

We are busy offering these special services throughout the country. Are you looking for a reliable, flexible and versatile courier? Call or email us so that we can come to a suitable solution together!

Follow all updates here about our collection options for special transport.

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