No emergency or medical transportation needs? No problem, we are very versatile. Below you can see some examples of transport that we can also arrange for you:


When spare parts are needed as quickly as possible to remedy a malfunction.

Important documents

When important documents have to be taken to a lawyer, notary, etc. as quickly as possible so that a trial or meeting won’t be delayed for long.

1 on 1 delivery

If you want to be sure that the parcel will be handed over to the right person and will not be left hanging around on a goods receipt counter.

Significant interest

Your shipment is of vital importance or the well-being of people is directly related to the fast and reliable delivery of the parcel. (As with organs or medicines)

Return shipments

If, at the delivery address, there are not only deliveries to be made, but also the correct goods need to be returned, in the shortest possible time.

Personal attention

If your shipment needs a little extra attention. As if it is being transported by yourself. Complete with personal delivery and digital proof of delivery.

Right place right time

When it is important that collection or delivery takes place exactly on time, such as Just in Time in a production process.

Value transport

The content of the package is valuable or difficult to replace. Thanks to our method, your transport is safe. Extra conditions, to be determined in consultation, may apply in this case. Call our planning department on 088 35 35 900 for more information.

Machine parts

Large machines can come to a complete standstill due to small parts. You can call on us for major economic interests of this kind so that the machines are up and running again in the shortest possible time.


You have registered for a tender and want to be sure that your papers arrive on time and with the right person.

Outsourcing of all your transports

Your company or institution decides to outsource internal transport for budgetary or practical reasons. As a rule, we are cheaper than having your own driver with your own company car.
We would like to get in touch with you to discuss your options for an optimal transport arrangement. We deliver custom work. Send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible, or call 088 – 35 35 900 to speak to someone immediately.

National coverageg

Do you have goods or products that need to be picked up and delivered throughout the country? No problem, we have branches throughout the Netherlands and Belgium!

Reduce delays

When the progress of a meeting or process threatens to be delayed and certain documents have to be brought to their destination as quickly as possible.

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