Top Koeriers - Stryker

As a leader in the orthopedic market we choose TOP Couriers as our partner for rush and operation transport. Top Koeriers are available 24 hours a day, flexible and professional. After a notification of Stryker, a shipment is within half an hour on its way to the hospital.– Remco Klingers, Supervisor Customer Service

Top Koeiers - SynergyHealth / Lips Tiel B.V.

Top Koeriers have proved themselves to be a very reliable partner in recent years. Decent, representative couriers delivering timely and according to appointment..– Joke Zuyderwijk

Top Koeriers - BKB Precision

We just have to call and they are ready for us, always friendly, trustworthy and fast!– Manon v.d. Heijden

Held has been working with Top Couriers for a number of years for the transport of important documents. Top Couriers has proven to be a reliable and professional party during this time. It is picked up quickly and delivered correctly, complete with proof of delivery upon receipt. The drivers are representative and the planning is friendly and adequate. We are very satisfied.– Teun Huijg

Top Koeriers - Norm-Systems Expo

We have worked with Top Koeriers since 1998. The long term relationship tells the full story. Our experience with Top is “top”. Good value for money. “You call and we drive”, as simple is that. In addition to driving from A to B, they sometimes support our customers on location. Everything is possible!– Marco Wollrabe

Top Koeriers - Svitzer

With a fleet of more than 550 ships in more than 35 countries, Svitzer is the largest maritime service provider and you can count on delivering tailor made solutions to customers around the world.

Top Koeriers - Nefli Groep

They are TOP! Couriers – Fred Peters

Top Koeriers - JBL&G

When we need a courier, we like to call Top Koeriers. Sometimes it is necessary to move a large number of files from one place to another. In those cases, Top Koeriers are the ideal partner because they are reliable and flexible, exactly what we are looking for in a courier service. – Yvonne Hooijenga

Top Koeriers - Rodenberg Staalkabels BV

As a manufacturer of cable assemblies and lifting and lifting equipment, we often need to act quickly to serve our customers. Whether it’s a fast delivery for offshore or for rush transport in the entertainment industry, Top Koeriers has proven to be the perfect partner. With one call, everything is arranged and Top Koeriers arrive in just a while. The delivery of our orders has always been handled quickly and accurate. The couriers and planners are very friendly. We are more than satisfied! – Sales team Roodenberg Staalkabels BV

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