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  • No, the central planning department of Top Koeriers will always contact you to deliberate before anything happens to your shipment.
  • You can notify the status of your shipment by calling 088 – 35 35 900 (available 24/7) You will also receive a delivery notification per e-mail, ones delivered.


  • Yes, we will always help you when there is a problem with your shipment. We are 24/7 available. Just call 088 – 35 35 900.
  • We will pick up your shipment and deliver it exclusively for you anywhere in Europe, if you like.

  • In those cases, we will pick up your rush shipment and arrange delivery to any place in the world in cooperation with air freight couriers.

  • Top Koeriers is mainly specialized in small rush shipments. However, we are very flexible and can do more beyond that. Please contact our central planning department and discuss the options! Call  088 – 35 35 900 or send an e-mail to info@topkoeriers.nl
  • We work fast. Our courier will be available at your doorstep within the agreed time to pick up your shipment near our locations in the regions listed, from Amsterdam tot Limburg. With more than 100 vehicles, we deliver all over the Netherlands and far beyond.


  • Yes, all shipments are automatically insured up to € 5.000,- per shipment, in accordance wit our general terms. Additional insurance is subject to deliberation.


  • You can reach us 24 hours a day at 088 – 35 35 900. You will be advised by a competent planner. There is no waiting tone or forwarding.

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