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The Top-Playlist of our couriers

Curious as to what our drivers are listening to while they are transporting your package? Here you will find a selection of these songs, formed together into THE playlist of Top Koeriers.


  1. Meatloaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  2. Michael Jackson – Sunset Drive

A favorite of our marketing manager (and big MJ fan) Eveline!

  1. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax

Frankie is right – Relax! Top Couriers will arrange it for you. Problem with the shipment? It’ll be fine. We will contact you, so that you are assured that the package will not roam in an organization!

  1. Willie Nelson – On the road again

Most drivers have been driving for us for years, so the lyrics are not strange to most of them.

  1. Lou Reed – Take a walk on the wild side

THE favorite of our planner Nick. If the telephone does not ring for a while, the radio goes fast!

  1. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Well, as an emergency courier this number cannot be missed. The version of Jonas Blue ft Dakota is also a favorite!

  1. Rihanna – Shut up and drive

Tackle. We like that. And our drivers too!

  1. Queen – Don’t stop me now 

We never stop en route;) Direct from A to B, just like a “Shooting star, leaping through the sky”.

  1. Golden Earring – Radar Love

“I´ve been driving all night” is a party for many drivers. Can continue to drive and arrive earlier than expected at the delivery address.

  1. Sniff’n Tears – Driver Seat
  2. 11. Bonus, because it’s almost Christmas: Chris Rea – Driving home for christmas.

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