Our new site is live!

The time has arrived; the website has been updated!
No worries, our service is staying as good as ever😉


What’s new?

  1. This page!
    We have added the “news” page to our website. Here you will find updates about Top Koeriers, but also the current news in the transport sector.
  2. Services
    We have made the pages about our services clearer. If you click on services, you will see a simple overview of all the services that we offer. If you move your mouse over the word services, a small menu will unfold, in which you can also find our services. We provide a detailed explanation for each service.
  3. Using Top Koeriers
    By clicking the “book your Top Koerier here” button it has become even easier to request a price or transport. You will be called back as soon as possible by our central planning department to confirm the price or the journey. Of course, you can also call: 088 – 35 35 900
  4. Social Media
    We are very active on social media. You can now find our Facebook and Linkedin feed on various pages on the website. We have also added a number of shortcuts, so you can follow us on your favourite social media!
  5. Reviews
    We are very proud of the positive experiences of our existing and new customers. You can now read all the experiences on our home page.

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